Albuquerque, NM
Salary: $11.00 /hour

Full-time Roofing Laborer needed for local Residential Roofing Company. Schedule is M-F from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Job Description: Responsible for assisting fellow roofers during the application or repair of roofing materials. Unloads materials, cleans off roof, applies roofing material, and cleans site after job is complete.Primary responsibilities

  • Unload materials from truck and unroll roofing material.
  • Ensure there is enough material for entire roof.
  • Lift roofing materials onto roof using pulleys or ladder.
  • Clear debris from roof.
  • Ensure tar is chopped and heated.
  • Scrape or pull off old roofing material.
  • Properly equip all roofers with safety equipment, scaffolding, and hoists.
  • Nail roofing paper and composition shingles into roof.
  • Apply layer of tar on roof.
  • Apply gravel, shingles, or asphalt over tar layer.
  • Cover roof with roofing felt, asphalt strips, or other materials.
  • Apply tile, slate, or composition materials to roof.
  • Clear out gutters and drains.
  • Affix metal sheets to roof boards or frameworks.
  • Locate and fix leaks.

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