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Employee Handbook

We are the premier provider of custom employee handbooks for medical and dental practices of all sizes and specialties. Each handbook is individually written by our team of HR experts and attorneys to match each practice’s needs and culture, and to be 100% compliant with all federal and state laws that apply. We include job descriptions, 50+ employment forms, an Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy, nondisclosure agreements, and 90 days of unlimited Solution Center support with each handbook.

CEDR’s Solution Center*

Live, unlimited, on-demand HR support for doctors and their office managers. Our team is composed of employment law experts, attorneys, and certified HR professionals. Members with questions, concerns or issues in their practice can call the Solution Center and be connected with their designated HR expert who will provide one-on-one guidance and consultations. Unlike other companies that put limitations on how often you can call, or charge per additional hour of consultation, CEDR’s support is truly unlimited and fixed at a low monthly price. Answers, guidance, and “peace of mind” are only a phone call or email away.

*Can only be purchased with a CEDR handbook.

**Membership includes Solution Center access, Members’ Area, TimeClockIt, and YourHIPAATraining.com.


Powerful, cloud-based time-tracking and attendance system for medical and dental practices of all sizes and specialties. TimeClockIt is an easy new way to monitor and manage your employees’ attendance and clocking in real time. Features include: easy set up; secure, cloud-based clocking; accessibility from any web-enabled device; customizable employee permission levels; customizable clock in/clock out reminders; one-click reports and payroll; built-in HR compliance; and a robust overtime notification system. No software downloads necessary – start tracking in just 5 minutes!


On-demand, cloud-based HIPAA Compliance Training Program for medical and dental practices of all sizes and specialties. Affordable and easy to use, it has been fully updated in accordance with the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule. Our online program features both basic and advanced training courses, and provides you with everything you need to train existing and new employees in your practice. Also comes with a fully customizable HIPAA Plan Book, with all required forms and policies. It’s HIPAA compliance made easy. Get in compliance, so you can get back to work!

Seamless Payroll Solution

One click and done…through the partnership with Payday HCM there is no longer a need for manual payroll processes regarding the import of employee time. When using TimeClockIt, information automatically flows to Payday HCM for processing. Let Payday HCM provide your complete human capital management experience including benefits, 401k/403b and workers compensation