Payday HCM is leadership.

At Payday HCM, leadership is more than who heads up the daily operations.  Leadership is a position of commitment. Payday HCM brings this commitment to our everyday engagements, internal and external.  Leadership is the education employees pursue to stay on the leading edge of the HCM industry. It is the outreach Payday HCM conducts in the community, sharing our base of HCM knowledge and best practices and learning from other leaders in the field.

‘Paying it forward’ for over 30 years

When Andrew and Sylvana Siegel started Payday HCM in Albuquerque, NM in 1985, hardly any companies were outsourcing HCM, and most payroll functions were done manually.

Payday HCM grew out of a need for a payroll service bureau capable of handling payroll for companies of all types and sizes. The few payroll service bureaus that existed in Albuquerque at the time were only equipped to provide payroll processing services to businesses with over 100 employees. Payday filled a need to service not only larger, established businesses, but the smaller businesses in need of payroll services to support their growth.

Through dedication and quality service, the Siegels won over local businesses one after the other, saving them valuable time and money by offering a service that is typically non revenue-generating.

Over time, Payday HCM’s payroll services evolved into a broader range of human resource services. With each added and expanded capability, the company soon assumed the professional role of a Human Capital Management (HCM) service provider to many of its clients.

As outsourcing has become an increasingly popular (and smart) choice, and technology has advanced, Payday (which had started as Payday, Inc). has evolved into Payday HCM. By maintaining its hard-earned position as the area leader in HCM services, Payday HCM continues to deliver single point of contact solutions to facilitate the management of our client’s biggest assets — human capital.

Big firm experience and small firm attention

Today Payday HCM is servicing clients throughout the US.

Payday HCM employs highly trained accounting, programming, HR and payroll processing professionals team to meet the individual objectives of every client.

Innovative procedural processes ensure complete, accurate and on time delivery of projects. Payday HCM clients benefit from Payday’s quick response times and more personalized attention. It’s the kind of treatment one would expect from a prestigious hospitality firm, brought to you by a dedicated team of professionals who truly believe in customer service. As a testament to building long-term client relationships, Payday HCM still serves three out of its four original clients.

Tens of thousands of employees receive services from Payday HCM, and we’re still growing. Just like you.