Payday HCM, HR, payroll and insurance for your unique needs.

Personal, professional, accommodating and very thorough.

Payday HCM prides itself on the ability to maintain the personalized attention that your company deserves. We realize the importance of a quick, friendly response from an individual who understands the needs of your company and your company’s employees. We guarantee that you will receive a quick response to your phone calls, unexpected emergencies and any other concerns that you may have.

Are you frustrated by the errors and indifference of other HCM and payroll service providers? Here’s why you — and your employees — will love Payday:

  • Advanced software PLUS the human touch: Your Payday account is backed by a team of dedicated professionals who know the specific ins and outs of your business and are ready to help with knowledgeable advice and business analytics 24/7/365.
  • We value people, and respect your time.
  • Less paper = tighter security around employee information.
  • Less paper = reduced clerical work and a reduction of human error.
  • Automated solutions = reduced labor costs, an increase in employee accountability, and improved employer labor compliance.
  • Human Resources Consulting services leads to stronger employer compliance, as well as less exposure to employee litigation.
  • Unique configuration of our payroll platform allows entry options and reporting to meet your needs.
  • Payday takes on 100% of the liability for tax filings and reporting. You will receive same-day responses to any payroll tax related notices.
  • Your data belongs to you. Unlike many of our competitors, we will never hold your historical data hostage.
  • Call for support and you’ll get someone who knows you. Payday HCM will never be a call center.
  • Less paper = more efficiency across the board.

Payday HCM has developed a shared cultural understanding of how to do business, from top to bottom. Whether your needs are being met by meeting with Payday HCM’s CEO or having your email answered, it’s all the same.

That is how we cultivate, as part of our mission, a personal, caring relationship with each of our clients.

We have used that approach to grow our own business, and we know it will support your company’s growth, too.

  • We apply principles of trust, honesty, integrity and commitment in every engagement.
  • We nurture and maximize the talents of our employees to the benefit of each individual, and the advantage of each customer.
  • We value diversity, quality of life and individualism.
Call us at 1-888-2PAYDAY or email us at for a one-on-one review of your HCM needs.