The Strategic Blueprint – Payday HCM Account Executives conduct an analysis of your current administration practices and build a strategic solution tailored to your company. The Blueprint allows us to discover your wants and desires from a technology and human touch partnership. After analyzing your uncovered needs, our solutions presentation is configured to your uniqueness.
The Strategic Launch – After celebrating the commitment to do business together, we want you to be comfortable with the speed of conversion, as well ensuring our ability being able to deliver on what we promised. Rather than cram a conversion in the door, and have a client process so that we can start billing them, we take a more strategic approach. Intricate conversions can take up to six weeks, while smaller accounts can be up and ready within ten days.
The Problem Resolution – Our competitors lack the ability to gather everyone around the same table.  Clients may have to call several 1-800 numbers to reach the right person, and find a resolution.  Sometimes they may even be calling overseas.  At Payday we are able to gather everyone around the same table, discuss the problem in depth, and find a resolution that meets or exceeds the client’s wishes.
The Teamwork Experience – Clients are assigned to a team of professionals to work with at Payday HCM.  While there is a 1:1 CSR:Client relationship, should that CSR be out, the team is ready and willing to step in and assist the client.  When looking at competitors, clients often need to speak to different reps with every interaction.
The Direct Delivery Method – Payday HCM has a unique relationship with FedEx to ensure our clients payroll packages arrive on time.  Clients can contact Payday HCM directly for tracking of the shipment, and conversations that need to be had during the course of delivery.  We remain the point of contact.
The Follow Up Formula – Things can and do happen.  If a client brings a problem to anybody’s attention here at Payday, that team member now owns the problem.  Once a resolution is implemented, it is that team members obligation to contact the client and make sure their needs were met.
The Quality Connection: QC – Depending on the client, the Account Executive will contact them for a connection once per quarter, semiannually, or annually.  The QC provides Payday the opportunity to be proactive, rather than reactive, in communication with our clients.  The connection has questions on a scale of 1-5 and provides management metrics on what to improve upon, or in most cases, celebrate.
The Security — Rest assured your information is secure with Payday. We utilize ‘state of the art’ 256-bit Encryption protocols to transmit data. Our data is replicated in two separate data centers along with nightly out of state back up and Payday employees only see the data they are supposed to. As an industry leader we follow strict requirement set forth by SAS 70 certification (future SSAE 16).