The job market is changing quickly in ways that can transform your business. If you’re not on top of your game, you will get left behind. Here are three trends we, at Payday HCM Staffing, are seeing that will help grow your business.

Liberating Hiring Trend #1:

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Don’t hire Santa year round. While most of our work involves temp-to-hire, there are many organizations that only need temporary staff to deal with occasional or seasonal peaks in demand. With temps, you only pay for the manpower you need when you need it.

Because temps are employees of Payday HCM Staffing, you also keep your staffing below the 50+ person threshold that activates a number of potentially onerous laws.

Liberating Hiring Trend #2:

Try before you buy. Rather than hiring blindly, you can reduce your risk of hiring a bad fit by trying a new potential hire before you decide if they are right for the job. If you’d like to try someone else, just let us know. We ask for feedback constantly to fine-tune our temp resources to your needs.

Liberating Hiring Trend #3:

Partnership for Growth. Partnering with a company like Payday HCM Staffing can become a powerful engine for growth. We want to have a long-term relationship with you. Our 40+ years of staffing experience is at your disposal. We will help your business strategically map out a year-long, specific hiring strategy designed to help you expand smartly.

We’re experts in serving the unique needs of organizations like yours.

Offer: Hire the first eight hours for free*. We are so confident that you will love Payday HCM Staffing Solutions, we will comp a full day, up to eight hours, on any one regular temp-­to-­hire order or temporary help order (with a minimum of a two­-week assignment).

Give me a call to start accomplishing great things.

By Randy Richardson, Payday HCM Staffing, Search & Recruitment Services

By Randy Richardson, Payday HCM Staffing, Search & Recruitment Services

Randy Richardson

General Manager

Payday HCM Staffing, Search & Recruitment

Office: 5052555433 x310

Committed to your Success

*Offer limited to one per company. Expires August 31, 2016. Free temp/temp-­to­-hire is valid for up to eight hours of temporary/temp­-to-­hire service by an accounting, administrative, clerical, or customer service position.

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