If you need to fill a position, you might be tempted to do the hiring yourself. While we at Payday Staffing are sure you could do a decent job, may we suggest that you follow these 6 brilliant habits, which includes using a staffing agency to hire better people?

#1: Leverage the people with the most hiring experience

Most likely your organization doesn’t have the 40+ years of staffing experience that a firm like Payday Staffing does. Because we’re in the ebb and flow of employment trends, we have a keener sense of what the talent marketplace has to offer.

#2: Swim in a better talent pool

Because we’re constantly on the lookout for good people, we have an up to the minute roster of great workers. Also, we have the resources to cast a wider net in deeper talent pools than most small organizations can.

#3: Don’t hire Santa year round

While most of our work involves temp-to-hire and direct hire/search, there are many organizations that only need temporary staff to deal with occasional or seasonal peaks in demand. Instead of permanent hires, with temps you only pay for the output you need when you need it.

As temps are employees of Payday Staffing, you also keep your staffing below the 50+ person threshold that activates a number of potentially onerous laws.

#4: Try before you buy

Rather than hiring, you can reduce your risk by trying a new potential hire before you decide if they are right for the job. If you’d like to try someone else, just let us know.

#5: A job is more than its description

People are more than their resume. We dig deep to learn about the range of duties the employee is expected to perform. Where is this position in the structure of the organization? What skills and software are required? We ask cultural questions about work environments, too. Does the person work in a bunch of cubicles or are they working on their own? A good staffing agency is looking for people who will be comfortable in your specific setting.

#6: A good staffing agency will say no

There are some staffing agencies that will try to fill any job, just to keep your account. A good staffing agency will tell you when a job is outside their expertise. For example, we at Payday Staffing can’t help if you need day laborers, but we have partners who can. We want everyone to be happy so we’d rather give you a referral to ensure that your needs are cared for by specialists in that field.

Hire the first eight hours for free*

We are so confident that you will love Payday HCM Staffing Solutions, we will comp a full day, up to eight hours, on any one regular temp-­to-­hire order or temporary help order (with a minimum of a two­-week assignment).

Contact me to start accomplishing great things.

Felicia Munson
Office: (505)255-5433 x 317

*Offer limited to one per company. Expires September 1, 2017.
Free temp/temp-­to­-hire is valid for up to eight hours of temporary/temp­-to-­hire service by an accounting, administrative, clerical, or customer service position.

Felicia Munson

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