By Randy Richardson, General Manager of Payday HCM Staffing, Search & Recruitment Services

By Randy Richardson, General Manager of Payday HCM Staffing, Search & Recruitment Services

This is the most dynamic staffing market we’ve ever seen, full of sea changes that will permanently transform how companies hire talent. In our 30+ years in the staffing business, there has never been a more exciting time to connect applicants and jobs. In this intense period, you need to stay ahead of the staffing trends that can make or break your business.

1: Return of the Jedi 

The former workers who left for greener pastures or to take care of family matters are coming back with new perspectives and skills. These boomerang employees have the advantages of understanding your company’s culture and already having friends and a network within it. We find these prospects by searching through LinkedIn profiles and for groups (“former employees of X company”). We’ve found that most of these placements work very well for both the applicant and the company.

2: The Time Machine 

Flexible schedules are key to attracting top talent. Work/life balance is often the top priority of applicants, and flexible schedules are the key to making that happen. Many businesses don’t know how to administer and manage flexible schedules, telecommuting, job sharing, etc. That’s why having a partner like Payday HCM can make all the difference. We have the experience and the tools that will allow you to attract and keep top talent – and their flexible scheduling.

3: These Boots Were Made For Walking

 The ACA has been a double-edged sword for employers. While healthcare costs have (for the most part) increased for both employers and employees, the ability to move to a new job and keep your healthcare team intact has created a market where applicants can make employment decisions based on their passions and not their healthcare needs. Instead of itchy feet, this has led to employees who will stay with your company longer because they were attracted to your culture not your health plan. The ACA has also made companies look at how best to deploy freelancers, independent contractors, and temps to meet their needs, making the company far more agile and responsive to the market.

4: How to Succeed In Business

According to some estimates, by 2020, 40% of the US labor force will be in the gig economy. The gig economy allows companies to hire top talent for shorter, cheaper periods instead of the more expensive, permanent long haul. This works for both employers who need short-term expansion and the talent who want temporary gigs. Depending on the duration of the project, we can offer tips on making such short-term employees very cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

5: Baby Blues

Family, maternity, and paternity leave is now a top selling point for applicants. Some companies such as Netflix are offering unlimited maternity leave. We have actually seen applicants compile spreadsheets to calculate which prospective employer has the best leave policy. We can help you design a leave policy that will attract the top talent.

6: Other People’s Money

Given the booming economy, we’re seeing real rises in wage inflation. At Payday HCM, we’re experts at finding the right talent who won’t break your bank.

7: You’ve Got Your Health

The healthcare sector is expected to grow 26.5% by 2022. That’s around three times the estimated growth of all other sectors. The isn’t just nursing, although that will see major growth. Healthcare also includes all those who work with medical data or informatics, which is experiencing burgeoning numbers. With the technology explosion, we’re seeing an exponential increase in medical devices and services that allow patients to age in place and monitor themselves, or be remotely monitored by health professionals. If you’re in the space, give us a call.

8: Speed

Top talent, like engineers, can post their resumes online on Monday, have three job offers by Wednesday, and be in a new job by Friday. Companies with a long recruitment process are sabotaging their chances to grab the best talent. We can help streamline your hiring timeline.

9: Wired

To compete for the top talent both tactically and strategically, you need a partner that is experienced in finding the right candidate fast, able to to design a competitive package, and seal the deal. You need a partner who can make the whole HR experience as streamlined and efficient as possible. That’s Payday Staffing Solutions.

Let us help you get the most value out of your staffing. Give me a call 505-255-5433 or contact me at

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