Dear fellow business owner or business employee,

The national statistic is that one in five employees who was employed in February is not working today. Based on my data of the over 1500 small and medium size business clients that we serve, I believe this number to be true in their markets also.

I believe if most of us can do a small part, we can get our local economies back faster than the national average. We can lead the way to recovery.My suggestion is non-political and it’s not complicated. BUY LOCAL. Keep your dollars here. Your local Walmart is not local, even though the greeter might be your neighbor. Consider your local office supply store versus Office Depot. However, in contrast, Burger King, McDonald’s, and KFC might have a national name on the sign, but is probably owned by a local franchisee owner. You get the picture: they all have local people. The difference is whether the profits stay here locally – which means we can reinvest those profit dollars back in our communities at local merchants and not national publicly traded companies that have much deeper pockets than most of our local owned businesses.

I ask that if we can make a conscious decision every time we buy something and every time we sign payable checks or pay our bills, we ask ourselves: “Can I help my neighbor by buying it from him or her?” I know for some that this requires more work, but winning never comes easy if the bar is set high enough. We have a chance to make the pie bigger for everyone and not smaller.

Since I started Payday HCM 35 years ago, we have always bought locally whenever possible and we have always been willing to pay up to 10% more to do that. Even that’s out the window now, as we recognize that price is not the important issue. While it’s always good to save money, when it comes at the expense of our local businesses, what are we really saving? Let us remember that empathy and kindness, and spending money locally, are essential and powerful tools for recovery.


Andrew Siegel, Owner & CEO

Payday HCM

A message from Payday HCM CEO Andrew Siegel_National

Payday HCM

Payday HCM

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