Because of its culture, Payday HCM is a Top Workplace in Albuquerque, NM.

I am so proud that Payday HCM was awarded one of Albuquerque’s “Top Workplaces” for 2017, as it was in 2014. What makes us a great workplace? As a part of our culture, we promise our employees that by applying the principles of trust, honesty, integrity, and commitment, we nurture and maximize talent to the benefit of each individual and the company. We foster a work environment where diversity is valued, quality of life is enhanced, individual aspirations are fulfilled, and our reputation is strengthened. In return, our employees are easily committed to the success of our business.

Quality as Culture

The concept of quality customer service cannot exist without structure. It comprises elements that must be adopted as integral parts of an organization’s customer service platform. Just saying you have a commitment to quality customer service doesn’t make it happen. Quality customer service must be part of an organization’s culture. And that culture must comprise individual values and standards of behavior that feed the culture with its lifeblood, just as an organism’s arteries feed its heart.

A Values-Based Culture

One of the important values we look for when we hire, are colleagues who are motivated by positive feedback from clients. We do not want colleagues who have what I term an “employee mentality.” I have never heard one of our colleagues in thirty years say, “It’s not my job,” or, “I can’t work extra hours.” Our colleagues do not have a 9-to-5 attitude. They work as long as it takes to finish an assignment. Each colleague is empowered; whoever receives a complaint, for instance, owns the problem and resolves it to the client’s satisfaction. We hire and retain colleagues who bring an entrepreneurial, ownership attitude to their jobs. And we invest in our colleagues through training, higher education, attractive compensation, and recognition.

A Culture of Respect

We pay our colleagues well but we can’t provide country club memberships and those sorts of benefits to them. However, we feel we can create an environment that provides them with a variety of positive aspects not found elsewhere. First and foremost, we value our colleagues and we show that in numerous ways. We promote mutual respect among our people at and between all staff and management levels. Every colleague has opinions and suggestions and we encourage him/her to share those opinions and suggestions. Part of our approach to creating a favorable environment is giving all colleagues access to management. Without that access, there would be no opportunity for the sharing of ideas.

We also do our best to provide our colleagues with a comfortable physical environment, including quality furnishings, exterior views, and electronic systems and equipment that allow colleagues to perform their work in a high-quality fashion. There are numerous occasions during each year when we reward and recognize colleagues for going that extra mile that is so integral to our client model.

Fun Activities

Finally, we host a number of company events annually from monthly BBQs on site to occasional outings to watch the local baseball team play. Many of these are family oriented where colleagues are encouraged to bring the entire family and others are adult only. When we celebrated our Top Workplace award, we closed early and went to a local pub for drinks, appetizers, and a fun dart tournament. It is these types of activities build a strong team and keeps our work life fun.

A Culture of Excellence

The sum of our hiring practices, the investment in colleagues, continuous product and service improvement, emphasis on the pursuit of excellence, and commitment to the improvement of our clients’ performance are the essential foundations of our client platform. However, none of these things happen without the basic ingredients of our culture: The importance of honesty; a dedication to the principle of “character counts”; an organization-wide high-level work ethic; the creation of a family atmosphere; the empowerment of our colleagues to solve problems, etc. It is the unification of these ingredients that creates a culture committed to excellence. And, I believe that commitment to excellence is the greatest motivator for superior employees to want to perform at a high level and to want to stay with an organization.

Turning it Inside Out

Since 1985, Payday HCM has established itself as a client-oriented, service-grounded, professional organization that strives to deliver top-quality service to every client. To us at Payday HCM,  it’s no mystery that happy employees make customers happy. In fact, many studies show that employee engagement, or the emotional  commitment one has to their organization and its goals, drives higher levels of discretionary effort.

Our clients will agree that Payday HCM employees go the distance for them and I believe that their high level of job satisfaction is directly related to the company culture that has sustained us through the years.


Andrew Siegel

Andrew Siegel

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