"I didn’t know customer service could be this good.”Often we hear how many Human Capital Management (HCM) firms’ customer service mottos seem to be “I hope you’re happy.” At this stage, we shouldn’t be shocked. But when we start serving new clients, they say, “I didn’t know customer service could be this good!”

At Payday HCM we are proactive. We make sure you’re happy immediately. Then we anticipate problems so you’ll be satisfied tomorrow and in the years to come. Our best qualities work to our client’s advantage.

Many Minds Huddle

When a problem crops up in one area of your HCM services, it’s likely to have a domino effect. In order to stop them from falling, we assemble our team from all disciplines to address your challenges: a 360-degree examination. We’ll develop the best possible, most agile solution, and then present you with detailed solutions.

Example: One of our largest client’s headquarters was broken into on Christmas Eve. The thieves stole several items, including the hardware that housed the client’s POS software, which meant it lost all timekeeping, job costing, billing data, etc. As soon as the client discovered the theft, she informed us they had no way to produce payroll. Our team immediately met to determine how to best help the client, and went go to work to produce new payroll records. Her employees were paid on time and she went on to use some of our other services such as benefits.


Being responsive to your needs isn’t just about anticipating problems before they strike. It is about being there for you when emergencies arise. We have 24/7 coverage, because we know that, for many businesses, HCM isn’t 8 to 5.

Example: Auditors working in a client’s office on a holiday requested documents that the client could not produce. The client called our 24/7 emergency number and left a message with the operator explaining what he needed. The call was immediately referred to our on-call client service representative, who drove to our offices, found the requested documents, and emailed them to the client—all done within twenty minutes of the CSR receiving the call.


We visit our clients periodically to do one-on-one reviews. Our account executives follow up proactively with our clients to thank them for their business and to catch problems BEFORE they start.

Example: A long-time client usually wires funds to us two business days before a payroll date. This wire is the trigger that informs us that we must prepare the payroll. On one occasion, the client failed to wire funds. We noticed the failure after business hours and tried unsuccessfully to contact the client. We knew if we waited until the next business day (a Monday) to talk with the client, there would be no way the client would be able to pay its employees on time. Our solution was to process the payroll on the weekend without the client’s funds available. The payroll checks were delivered to the client on Monday morning, drawn against our own funds. The client reimbursed us for the money we had advanced and has been one of our biggest fans ever since.


With a lot of firms, you get passed around. You never see your salesperson again, especially when there’s a problem. Not at Payday HCM. We have a single point of contact with our clients. No call center, no ticket number, no explaining your problem over and over to someone new every time. Just real, accessible people, committed to your satisfaction.

Example: An out-of-town hotel client of ours unexpectedly lost its payroll clerk. One of our CSRs, who happened to be eight months pregnant, offered to drive to the client’s location and acted as backup payroll clerk until the client was able to hire a full-time payroll person, whom our CSR trained.


Every person who handles a problem owns it until it is solved. Once a week our department heads review all client issues, and stay on them until they are solved. We treat your problems like our problems, and we make sure they don’t happen again.

Future Focused

Our mission is to help you grow. Think of us as your partner in future development. We stay current on technology updates and advances to pass that competitive advantage on to you.

We recognize that, for our clients, working with Payday HCM is an active choice that demands a higher level of customer service.

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Andrew Siegel

Andrew Siegel

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