Empathy is a big part of customer service, and conveys to the customer that their issue is something we understand, identify with, and see as equally urgent and important as they do.

Empathy and the resulting high level of customer satisfaction is part of the reason Payday HCM was recently named among the top five businesses for customer service by Albuquerque the Magazine. A “wow” experience for the client is our top goal. Sometimes we falter – we’re only human. It’s how we respond to dropping the ball (and we WILL drop the ball, sometimes) that matters.

We’ve delighted customers in several ways over the years:

• If we are late on a payroll delivery, even if we’re not at fault (we love you UPS, but sometimes you fumble, too), every Payday HCM employee knows they can get on a plane or hop in a car to get it there. And we’ve done that – flown to Phoenix or driven to Hobbs the same day with checks in hand. If a problem can best be solved by sending a Payday HCM team member to a customer’s site, that’s what we do. And we have.

• We use an internal process called the experience transformer to look at an issue, discover solutions and implement them. We ask what worked, what didn’t work, and what could we have done differently. We discuss the best solutions, and involve managers from different departments, too. Many times, solutions involve and affect multiple areas.

Ultimately, a solution always involves how Payday HCM can do something better, faster and cheaper. Always, the solution revolves around how whoever received a complaint, learned of an issue or saw a problem can resolve it him or herself and to the client’s satisfaction immediately.

Payday HCM

Payday HCM

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