Harassment and Discrimination aren’t just poor practices….

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The EEOC reported that a local Albuquerque company recently paid $165,000 to settle a lawsuit for disability discrimination.  The company failed to permanently hire a temporary employee based on her relationship with her disabled child.

Are your employees or managers putting your organization at risk of harassment or discrimination claims?  An EEOC complaint, claim with the Human Rights Commission, or an employment-related lawsuit not only has an effect on the bottom line, but also impacts morale, productivity, job satisfaction and customer perceptions of the organization.

Educating your supervisors, employees, and putting an effective policy in place are steps that you can take to protect your organization from liability and improve your employment practices.

Don’t get caught spending time and money on claims that could have been prevented.  Give me a call for a free review of your HR practices today!

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Andrew Siegel

Andrew Siegel

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