Does your business need a caffeinated jolt? Your local barista may know more about good business than the average CEO. Instead of giving your barista a tip, here are a few barista tips you can incorporate to grow your business.

What do you want? The barista lives or dies by being able to deliver on the customer’s preferences. They ASK what the customer wants. Every time.

How you can apply this to your business:

  • Customer surveys (hard copies submitted with invoices and other communications)
  • Online polls (on your site or social media feeds).
  • Look at what terms are trending in your industry. Google Trends is a great place to start.
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The needs of the moment: Even if the customer is a regular, a good barista will verify by asking if they want “the usual?” just to make sure. Customers’ needs and desires change, not just daily, but sometimes hourly.

Every business has a cycle where customers are looking for different things based on their seasonal needs. Sometimes, the “seasons” are as short as a few hours. Sometimes seasons don’t change as much as you think. After decades of offering breakfast items until 11am, McDonald’s found and fulfilled a new market by serving their breakfast menu all day long.

How you can apply this to your business:

  • Ask your sales team about cycles.
  • Experiment by offering certain items outside their usual season.
  • Look at your web site’s analytics (as well as search data) to figure out the peak volume times of searches. Adjust your menu and ad budget accordingly.

The most prized thing in business: A good barista is a rainmaker, who generates the most prized thing in commerce: repeat business. One-off business is nice but repeat business is the gift that keeps giving.

How you can apply this to your business:

  • Create loyalty discounts (discount on longer or repeat contracts, etc.)
  • Create an ecosystem that allows your customers to easily upgrade to additional services.
  • Two-for-one deals if they bring a friend (subsidiary, sister company).
  • Referral programs are actually loyalty programs in disguise.

Show you care enough to make it excellent. Baristas who turn lattes into works of art, show that they care about their craft. Studies have shown that such decorative touches (such as creating seasonal figures, cartoon characters or even a person’s name) increase sales.

How you can apply this to your business:

  • Brand every interaction just for that person. Make them feel special.
  • Look for ways to personalize your product. Some manufacturers will have the workers sign a piece of equipment. That pride of workmanship often translates into a pride of ownership in the client’s mind.

Customize it yourself: In addition to delivering exactly what the customer requested, the coffee condiment bar allows the customer to further personalize their beverage to their exacting preferences. A “hint of cinnamon” can be just a few particles or a heaping mound. Only the customer knows what they want.

How you can apply this to your business:

  • Are there modular, easy ways to allow the client to personalize the product or experience?
  • Can you allow your clients to white label your service so they more strongly identify with your company?

Your barista is only as good as…: Your coffee experience is determined most by the thing you don’t see: the training. Before they pour a single cup of java, great baristas are taught how to store beans properly, set up the grinder, work the espresso machine and clean every piece of equipment. Then they are trained how to produce the menu, its common variations, and all the tricks to make the customer’s experience excellent.

How you can apply this to your business:

  • Where do you find good people? Payday Staffing will help you find people who are experienced in your field and who you can train to your highest  level of excellence.
  • How do you retain your best talent? Starbucks is famous for having an amazing employee benefits package. This creates strong employee loyalty. You may believe that such an employee benefit package is out of your reach. Contact Payday HCM to discover how we can craft an employee benefit package that you’ll love. We’ll even put a little heart on it.

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