With current debates, discussions, and considerations of getting people back to work and re-opening businesses, there are still many questions and concerns surrounding the current COVID-19 situation. However there are some basic guidelines, per the CDC, to assist you with establishing your own processes when the “stay-at-home” order is lifted. Here are few things to consider:

  • Basic training and understanding of how COVID-19 is transmitted;
  • Following CDC guidelines for identifying signs and symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Inform sick employees to stay home and encourage them to get tested;
  • Taking employees temperatures when they arrive to work;
  • Maintain social distancing;
  • Create and or revise employee work schedules, so that employees can work alternating schedules;
  • Washing their hands upon arriving to work and in accordance with CDC guidelines;
  • Provide employees with masks and gloves and provide trainings on how to use them;
  • Create a schedule for designated employees to wipe down “high touch” areas with a disinfectant on an hourly rotation;
  • Employees should wipe down their work area at the end of the day.
Payday HCM

Payday HCM

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