To provide the finest personal service for our clients, each Payday HCM employee is responsible for identifying and recording client preferences in a shared database.

This basic rule of business is one we adopted from the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. We track the preferences of each client, from something as simple as whether they prefer phone or email communication to whether they want a confirmation of delivery. Or that delivery takes place at the front or rear doors of their business, or to a particular person. Client preferences are  often many, and detailed.

By recording each client’s preferences, we help other team members when they step in to assist a customer when the primary contact is unavailable. Whether a client is hard of hearing, needs a procedure outlined systematically every time, or has an allergy to peanuts (no holiday peanut M&Ms for them!), is important.

We all appreciate it when someone remembers our name, our birthday, whether we like chocolate chip cookies, or what kind of dog we have. It tells us they care about us as people, not just as a business engagement. And that’s a hallmark of the finest personal service.

Payday HCM

Payday HCM

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