The idea that working as a team promotes the needs of our clients is pretty intuitive, right? But how does meeting the needs of the other members of the team factor in to meeting our clients’ needs?

Everyone has needs – both personal and professional. Sometimes, our personal needs conflict with our professional ones. We all need time off for vacations. We’ve all had personal matters that take us out of the office, or distract our focus from the task at hand. We’re all human, and being human means we are NOT robots on an assembly line who require no care and maintenance.

So here at Payday HCM we cover for each other – meaning we’ve got each other’s backs. We can rely on team members to help, to answer client questions and concerns, and to get the work done, even if the team member with primary responsibility is unavailable. Ultimately, we’re all responsible for meeting the client’s needs.

How do we do this? We give other team members our paid time off if they need it, with the understanding that there are no strings attached and no expectations of reciprocity. We care for a coworker’s child when circumstances demand they bring him or her into the office. Payday HCM provides three paid days each year for employees to volunteer in their community – whether at local schools in reading programs, as helpers for area dentists as they treat those unable to afford dental care, or as fundraisers for favorite charitable projects.

Why is this last one important? First, it’s a way to give back and get employees involved in something bigger than themselves. Next, it encourages staff to give time, not just money. Finally, it provides an example for others of a way that a business can support the community. And this culture of giving and support translates itself into how we treat our customers. They can hear it and see it in all of our engagements.

All those reasons add up to an environment of service and teamwork that results in happy customers and a team bound together by a commitment to community.

Payday HCM

Payday HCM

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