No crystal ball required when Payday HCM is on the compliance job.

When it comes to employment compliance, how good are you at predicting the future? Is your crystal ball polished and ready to show you the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, employment regulation, immigration reform and retirement benefits? Does recent news of potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act conjure thoughts of the many ways your company could step on a landmine?

What Can Go Wrong in the World of Compliance?

What can go wrong? Quite a bit actually, and nobody wants to be on the receiving end of reactive finger pointing:

  • Who’s responsible for this huge fine you have to pay because you “forgot” a filing, filed reports late, or with incomplete or wrong information?
  • Who’s going to clean up the mess you’re in after the fact? Coming back into compliance is much costlier than staying in compliance in the first place.
  • Who’s going to explain to the auditor why you didn’t know about the new rules? Ignorance is no excuse.

Payday HCM Has Your Back

Payday HCM has your back. Really. Because it’s our job to stay on top of these issues for you, we immerse ourselves in the complex world of compliance day in and day out. Whether it’s ACA reporting, I-9 verification, 401(k) plan management, HIPAA issues, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), we always know where the minefields are and where they might be tomorrow.

Be Informed, Stay Informed

We keep our clients abreast of compliance needs every step of the way. We pro-actively ensure you know what is expected. Isn’t that better than hoping nothing will go wrong? It’s infinitely better than waiting until it is too late to get help.

The Payday HCM way is more efficient, affordable, and smarter than waiting until someone (your broker, your team, you) drops the ball. Or, worse: never seeing the ball coming.

We at Payday HCM anticipate government and regulatory changes, while keeping a steady eye on complying with current regulations. We’ve seen many rules and regulations come and go over 30 years, and have helped our customers stay on track. How? 

Payday HCM maintains one-on-one, team-based relationships with clients. We are backed not only by the best technology, but also by real people who understand your business. Our cross-functional teams understand your challenges and opportunities. We are there for you throughout the year, year after year.

With Payday HCM, you’re working with a knowledgeable and experienced partner who proactively anticipates your needs before you even know them.

You Don’t Need a Crystal Ball

You don’t need to see the future to know you are still responsible for complying with regulations—last year’s and those to come.

Our clients trust us to help them with responsive compliance navigation so they can stay focused on their business. Shouldn’t you?

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Richard Valdez

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