Congratulations to Payday HCM Owner & CEO Andy Siegel for the publication of his premiere business book, Never Miss A Touch! Read more about the values and innovative thinking platforms that keep Payday HCM a dynamic industry model.

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Never Miss a Touch
By Andrew Siegel
Andrew is a lifelong entrepreneur, adventurer, and fitness aficionado. He is the Founder and CEO of Payday HCM, and has been dedicated to growing the company’s products and markets for nearly 35 years. He is also the Founder of Payday Professional Employer, an employee leasing company, and a principal shareholder and strategic partner with Paceline Consulting Group, a human resources outsourcing firm. Mr. Siegel graduated from the University of Tampa with degrees in Accounting and Business Management.

Andrew Siegel created Payday Inc. in 1985 with a $6,000 loan and no clients. Mr. Siegel understood that his company had to be founded on three basic principles: a culture grounded in values, a commitment to customer service, and the perpetual goal of achieving excellence.

Andrew understood that excellence, like infinity, is a perpetually moving target. If properly established, excellence would become the Payday standard for hiring the best colleagues, delivering the best possible services and products to clientele, and for differentiating Payday from every other company in the industry.

This book is about how Payday, Inc., rebranded as Payday HCM in 2015, went from a start-up to a trend-setting company in a highly competitive industry dominated by huge players.

Payday HCM

Payday HCM

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