Order below! For a limited time, Payday HCM is offering free copies of our new title, “Employee Engagement: The Payday HCM Path to Productivity and Profitability” by Owner & CEO Andrew Siegel, and Director of Human Resources Richard Valdez. As an extra bonus, we are also offering a free copy of the award-winning “Never Miss a Touch: The Search for Excellence” by Andrew Siegel included in your shipment!

About Employee Engagement: Regardless of the number of employees in your organization—even if you have a full-time Human Resources manager—you can feel overwhelmed by the tasks associated with personnel management and with reporting and payroll matters. But as onerous as those tasks can be, they are only part of the “people” side of operating a business. Without the right people in your organization, your business is nothing but a warehouse for supplies and equipment. It’s the people that make the real difference. It’s the people who differentiate your organization from your competitors. It’s that concept of differentiation that forms the philosophical basis for this book. If you can’t differentiate your business from others, then you have no value proposition that will enable you to excel . . . or even survive. This title is an approachable, honest and sometime humorous account of one company’s quest to improve employee engagement, and ultimately win the coveted “Best Places to Work” award. From award-winning author Andrew Siegel (Never Miss a Touch) and Payday HCM Human Resources Director Richard Valdez, comes an easy-to-understand, applicable, and accomplishable method of transforming a company culture.


About Never Miss A Touch: Andrew Siegel created Payday Inc. in 1985 with a $6,000 loan and no clients. Mr. Siegel understood that his company had to be founded on three basic principles: a culture grounded in values, a commitment to customer service, and the perpetual goal of achieving excellence. Andrew felt that excellence, like infinity, is a perpetually moving target. If properly established, excellence would become the Payday standard for hiring the best colleagues, delivering the best possible services and products to clientele, and for differentiating Payday from every other company in the industry. This book is about how Payday, Inc., rebranded as Payday HCM in 2015, went from a start-up to a trend-setting company in a highly competitive industry dominated by huge players.