By Andrew Siegel, CEO of Payday and Author of Never Miss A Touch: The Search for Excellence.

We’re astounded how many Human Capital Management (HCM) firms’ customer service mottos seem to be “I hope you’re happy.” At this stage, we shouldn’t be shocked. But when we start serving new clients, they often say, “I didn’t know customer service could be this good.”

At Payday HCM we are proactive. We make sure you’re happy now, and we anticipate problems so you’ll be satisfied tomorrow and in the years to come.

Many Minds Huddle: When a problem crops up in one area of your HCM services, it’s likely to have a domino effect. We assemble our team from all disciplines to address your challenges from 360 degrees. We’ll develop the best possible, most agile solution, and then present you with detailed options.

Responsive: Being responsive to your needs isn’t just about anticipating problems before they strike. It is about being there for you when emergencies arise. We have 24/7 coverage, because we know that, for many businesses, HCM isn’t 8 to 5.

Proactive: We visit our clients periodically to do one-on-one reviews. Our account executives follow up proactively with our clients to thank them for their business and to catch problems BEFORE they start. It could be the incidental comment we hear in the hall or the things we see in your break room — that’s how we spot the problem you’ve lived with for so long that you didn’t know there was an easy solution.

Personal: With a lot of firms, you get passed around. You never see your salesperson again, especially when there’s a problem. Not at Payday HCM. We have a single point of contact with our clients. No call center, no ticket number, no explaining your problem over and over to someone new every time. Just real, accessible people, committed to your satisfaction.

Accountable: Every person who handles a problem owns it until it is solved. Once a week our department heads review all client issues, and stay on them until they are solved. We treat your problems like our problems, and we make sure they don’t happen again.

Future focused: Our mission is to help you grow. Think of us as your partner in future development. We stay current on technology updates and advances to pass that competitive advantage on to you.

We recognize that, for our clients, working with Payday HCM is an active choice that demands a higher level of customer service. If you want to adopt these high standards in your own customer service, check out my book, Never Miss A Touch; The Search for Excellence.

Andrew Siegel

Andrew Siegel

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