As a Payday HCM client you will have a single point of contact. This means no call center, no ticket number, no explaining your problem over and over to someone new every time; just timely access to real people who are committed to your satisfaction. If problems arise, we gather the necessary professionals around the table, and discuss any problems in depth. We work to find a resolution that meets or exceeds the client’s wishes.

Sapphire, Cobalt, Ruby, and Emerald Teams

Each of our payroll Client Service Teams consists of three team members, each with extensive payroll processing and customer service experience. These teams typically serve clients whose primary focus with Payday HCM is on payroll and timekeeping. On average, each team has at least one member that holds their Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) license which allows for an extra level of expertise in order to meet payroll related needs.

Our promise to you is that every time you call, you will reach a live person — never an automated call center. As part of our commitment to clients, teams will respond to all client communications with a two hour time frame (during business hours).

Contact your team now! Email us at or call 1-888-2PAYDAY and ask us to assign a team to your HCM needs today.