Small Business 1-15 employees – Just $80/Month with 3 Step Payroll

3 Step Payroll – Self Serve Payroll without the frills or the expense.

Helping You Succeed in Business.

  1. Outsourcing payroll helps you focus on your core business
  2. We help you eliminate errors and penalties
  3. Helping to make your employees happy and productive
  4. Saving you precious time and money

With 3 Step Payroll its as easy as input, process and deliver! Input your payroll information, submit for processing and we take it from there. After we review and process your data, you have INSTANT access to all your payroll information.


Payroll & Payroll Tax Services

3 Step Payroll guarantees the accuracy and timeliness of your payroll tax payments. Our monthly service fees include all standard reports, direct deposit, tax preparation and filing, including your WCA (NM only) and quarterlies. In addition, there are no costly delivery fees since payroll data is electronically delivered to your inbox via a password protected file.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Help grow your business, by improving positive cash flow through 3 Step Payroll pay-as-you-go workers’ comp program.

  • Pay premiums based on your payroll actuals
  • Eliminate overpayment/underpayment of your premiums
  • No upfront down payments

Solutions for Accountants

If you are currently running payroll for your customers, we can provide two unique solutions for your firm.

  1. We give you complete access to all your 3 Step Payroll client data.
  2. We will be happy to “private label” any reports and you will become “a small payroll company” for your clients.

HR Answerlink

Our online 24-hour database includes UNLIMITED personalized HR consulting via email and/or phone, along with the ability to request custom forms and job descriptions for your business. Some features include:

  • Legislative changes
  • Breaking news
  • HR terms
  • Create HR Forms and letters
  • Develop your employee handbook
  • Stay on top State & Federal Employment Laws

Time off Accrual Tracking

With 3 Step Payroll Time off Accrual (TOA) System and Reporting you can take control of your employees’ vacation hours. Employees can view:

  • Employees balances can be shown on pay vouchers
  • Your workers can check their balances online at Employee Self Service
  • Provide a dollar balance to you and your employees based on your company policies and procedures.

Employee Self Service

Give your employees more control of their data. With 3 Step Payroll Employee Self Service (ESS) your employees can access:

  • Previous pay vouchers,
  • W2’s, exemptions,
  • Benefit deductions,
  • Time off balances
  • Your employees can also contact you for any changes or questions they may have regarding any of their personal information.

General Ledger & QuickBooks(R)

We understand how important it is to be in control of your company finances. 3 Step Payroll will create a General Ledger Report with each payroll we produce. The report will be customized to your exact chart of accounts. If you are using QuickBooks(R) 2004 or later you can directly import General Ledger Reporting into your accounting software. If you prefer to get the report in ASCII format, we can do that too!

401(k); 403(b) Tracking

Matches, Contribution, Catch ups-sound familiar? We will be glad to provide a tracking report for easy reporting to your retirement services provider. If you don’t have a plan but would like to start one and attract the top talent to your company, 3 Step Payroll will refer you to our Strategic Investment Services Partner.

Employee Benefits

Through our Strategic Partner PPI, Inc, we can assist you with your employee benefits. PPI, Inc is a full service agency that can provide consultation services on your present plans or help you explore other benefit options.

  • Full spectrum of benefits packaged creatively to fit your needs.
  • We will assume full administrative responsibilities at no additional cost to you.
  • Your employees can contact PPI directly, regarding claims matters and save them a great amount of time working with the insurance companies.

3 Step Payroll PayCard

The payroll paycard is perfect for any employer in any industry. Employers simply issue a paycard to their employee and fund the paycard via direct deposit on payday.

  • It does not require a bank account, credit check or minimum age.
  • There is no qualifying criteria
  • It is a cost-effective solution when paying bills online, providing per diem or simply paying a bonus!

Federal Tax Credits and Incentives

Through strategic partnership 3 Step Payroll can facilitate and manage the following tax credits and incentives including:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Empowerment Zone
  • Renewal Community Tax Credit
  • Indian Employment Credit
  • Additional tax credits and incentives are available depending upon state

Tax credits and incentives can vary from $2,400 to $20,000 per employee for various groups. Payroll processing is required through 3 Step Payroll; click here for more details.