Payroll is essential in any business. At Payday Inc., we understand the importance behind an accurate payroll.

We also understand there is more to payroll than simply producing checks.

From technology and design to productivity and flexibility, Payday Inc. guarantees the best service and performance the industry has to offer.

Human Resources

At Payday we offer a variety of Human Resource functions along with the coinciding software to support these functions. Our software allows your company to track your employee’s personal information, performance reviews and benefits along with other valuable customized tools such as record keeping and compliance with government reporting requirements.

Health Insurance Solutions

Health care market changes that affect you, your employees and ultimately your company, are often misunderstood, overlooked and sometimes, the real benefit is lost. Payday Professional Insurance is here to help. Our team of experts are your “Agent of Record” and are here to assist you and your employees.

We want you to understand the often complex arena of benefits, how to get the most of your investment, while maintaining a complete benefit package that attracts and retains your most important asset – your employees.

401K Retirement Plan Solutions

It’s never too late to help your employees save for their retirement while ensuring greater employee retention in your company. You’ve made the right choice in hiring them for the right job, now you can help them with the right retirement plan. Let us help you through the process.

Payroll Taxes

Payday ensures 100% Accuracy Guarantee and compliance on all tax filing, tax payments and unemployment taxes in all 50 States. We continuously verify updates and/or changes in Federal, State and Local taxes. No need to worry!

Customer Service Professionals

Payday believes in excellent customer service, that is why we provided an exceptional experience like no other. No Phone Trees, just a friendly familiar voice on the other line. Payday has more American Payroll Association certified staff than any payroll company in New Mexico.This advantage allows us to provide you with the most knowledgeable staff and gives you the quality of excellence time and time again.

Employee Self Service – ESS

Give your employees the tools they need. ESS provides the ability to view their paystubs, W2, Paid Time Off (PTO) balances and W4 Information. In addition, they can request PTO and allow Managers the ability to review the requests with ease. We provide real-time information with a real-time response.

Time-Off Accrual Services

From simply tracking multi-balance, longevity accruals, Payday will deliver accurate and dependable information.

Employers have the ability to accurately budget their workforce time, while employees receive up to date information on their paystubs and Employee Self Serve (ESS).

Pension Reporting Service

Many companies today work with multiple insurance agencies as well as retirement bureaus. Payroll data collection allows for accurate data reporting and uploading to facilitate proper administration of insurance, retirement and other benefits.

General Ledger

Payroll Journal Entries must be imported into any General Ledger or accounting system, that is the reality of today. Payday has the ability to interface with most popular accounting software. Our payroll software accurately tracks and reports, labor and department allocation including wages and taxes. Integration is easy.

Garnishment Services

Federal and State Tax Liens, Court Orders, Child Support, Creditor Garnishment, Student Loan Collection can really add unnecessary time to your operation team’s function. Payday will track and report necessary information to the required agencies.

Payroll Paycard

Need the flexibility of direct deposit, but your employee doesn’t have a bank account? Most of the time there is no option; however, Payday’s Paycard service gives your employees easy access to their money. Paycard can be utilized at any ATM to withdraw cash or at any Point of

Sale location where credit cards are accepted. Give your employees the flexibility of having direct deposit without the hassle of having to stand in line to cash a check.

Payday provides a delivery method to our Platinum members that will ensure prompt and accurate packaging and delivery. Our unique process alerts our staff of your client value. We pride ourselves on being involved from the processing of your payroll to tracking it to your doorstep.

Here is what to expect when your payroll is packaged and delivered:

  • Your payroll will have priority in our batch process.
  • Your payroll will print to a separate printer ensuring fast and accurate.
  • You will receive priority communication on payroll debits and totals.
  • Your delivery will be prioritized to your specifications.
  • Special Delivery Envelopes will alert our staff that your payroll is ready to be distributed.
  • And look for that special gift with each payroll as a token of our appreciation.