HCM: Human Resources Services

Ongoing Compliance and Consulting — We are on-call and at your location to advise management and employees on subjects such as disciplinary actions, terminations, unemployment claims, performance improvement, federal and state audits, FLSA, FMLA, ADA, ADEA, EEO, Workers’ Compensation, and other applicable regulations and laws. We work with our clients to resolve any employee related issues and maintain compliance with employee related documents and Employee

Handbook and Policy Formation — Written policies and procedures provide guidance, and promote compliance, consistency, and fairness. Policies can quickly become outdated because of court rulings, changes in state and federal laws, and changes within your organization. Payday will create and/or update all of your company policies.

Human Resources Audits — HR audits are designed to assess management activities, identify policy and practice weaknesses, and perform due diligence. Payday will review all of your HR processes and provide a detailed report with strengths, opportunities and immediate liabilities.

Onboarding — Onboarding is a key tool in creating successful employees because it increases job satisfaction, performance, loyalty and retention. Payday will create a comprehensive program to include the paperwork, training, knowledge, skills and behaviors needed for people to become effective contributors in your organization.

Recruitment and Screening — With experience in recruitment, screening, interviewing, hiring, and selection, we help our clients in find great employees.

Unemployment Claim Administration — We will respond to unemployment claims by answering and submitting all claim forms and other related correspondence on your behalf. We will coordinate the appeals process and coach your team on winning techniques.

Harassment and Discrimination Investigations — When a complaint is made, Payday will conduct a thorough investigation so, that you have documentation and a recommendation on record from an unbiased third party. We will even coordinate and represent you at EEOC mediations.

Job Descriptions — We develop or update your job descriptions so that they accurately represent the accountabilities of the position. We create client’s job descriptions and maintain compliance with ADA, OSHA and other required laws. We determine if employees are correctly classified under the FLSA (exempt and non-exempt).

Performance Reviews — We develop appraisal forms that are tailored to each individual position, the company’s values and include rating metrics. Employees deserve to know where they stand and all raises, or the lack thereof need should be justified and documented along with performance issues. We also offer 360 degree management reviews.

Assessments — By a using a variety of behavioral and judgment employability assessments, our clients make hires who are the best fit for the position and company culture.

Employee Files — Payday creates new hire documentation and employee related paperwork aid in employee file compliance. Payday will audit and assist with getting current files and Federal I-9 forms filled out correctly and into compliance.

Training and Development — Our interactive training seminars are designed to provide your supervisors and employees with the professional skills and techniques to keep your business compliant. Trainings are specifically designed for each client’s specific business needs. Training sessions are presented on-site by an experienced Payday facilitator or can also be held in a live, interactive, web based format. Trainings include:

  • Dealing with Discipline
  • Harassment and Discrimination – Manager Responsibilities & Requirements
  • Harassment and Discrimination – Employee Responsibilities & Rights
  • Hiring, Selection and Retention
  • Customer Service
  • Performance Reviews
  • Effective Communication
  • OSHA: Hazard Communication Standard – Globally Harmonized System
  • Health Information Portability and Accountability Act

Employee Surveys — Payday creates a wide variety of employee surveys for our clients so that they can make continuous improvements in the workplace. Our most popular surveys include: Employee satisfaction, benefits, and wellness.

Random Drug Screening — Employee drug use equates to theft, accidents, poor attendance and low productivity. We will draw your names with our random selection software and setup and manage the entire drug testing program for your company.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) — We provide clients with an online, paperless solution for management of employee data, forms and reporting. This system is integrated with Payday’s payroll and time and attendance systems.

Team building — Behavior Analysis is a key element in understanding how people successfully work with together. Participants will take a DISC assessment and the group will meet together in a comprehensive, interactive workshop to use the results to enhance skills in working successfully with team members.

Job Profiling — Every organization wants highly motivated individuals who fit in with the company culture and work environment. Selecting the right employee is highly dependent on a process that not only analyzes hard skills (knowledge, experience) but also looks at soft skills (behaviors, values, motivators). As part of this process we create a benchmark so that you can more accurately measure your applicants.