Nobody loves us more than your CPA. Why?

FLEXIBILITY – Access information and process payroll anywhere you are with internet connection.

CONTROL – Don’t be subject to another service bureau’s time frame; you choose when to do payroll.

TIME – Eliminate all of the extra spreadsheets; our report write shares security with database.

PEACE of MIND – You have the ability to preprocess the payroll you submit, and take comfort knowing your payroll is correct.

PAIN FREE – Payday’s software is user friendly, with full searchable help screens backed up with personalized.

SIMPLICITY – Payday makes vacation/sick accruals, monthly journal entries, benefit tracking, job costing & labor training by highly qualified people. Transitioning to Payday HCM is painless!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Save a few trees; information is available at your fingertips and digital copies are provided at year end.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY – Payday is competitive and does not buy your business then raise your cost a short time later; we have maintained strong, productive relationships clients who have started with us over 21 years ago.

YOU’RE #1– You will get that warm fuzzy feeling with Payday HCM because we understand that you are our number one.

VISIBILITY – As visible as you want to be; Payday HCM allows you to create your reports so that the client sees only you: you do the jobs that make you money, we do the jobs that waste your time.

We make your job easier!