See How TimeWorksPlus Will Make Your Life Easier!

Payday HCM Scheduling and Time and Attendance programs offer flexibility with efficient and accurate payroll preparation. Utilizing Payday HCM’s technology will help employers:

  • cut and control labor costs,
  • reduce clerical errors,
  • increase employee accountability, and
  • improve overall employer compliance.

Payday HCM’s best-in-class products easily and accurately streamline your Time Labor Management.


  • Time savers, such as texting to a group of employees that a shift is available, or that a shift fits their talents, also save you money and frustration. We create our program for your specific needs.
  • Scheduling multiple people and locations, together, is at the top of everyone’s peeves.
  • Eliminate the need to remember all your employees’ unique scheduling needs. Ensure the right employee is on the job and that your schedule is right the first time.
  • Streamline the entire scheduling process to improve your employees’ job satisfaction.

There are many features to simplify how you do business. For ease of time management data collection we offer the following:

  • Telephone – Follow customizable voice prompts, and use touch tones or voice recognition to report time. Remote and mobile workers’ locations are tracked.
  • Web Entry – Use the Internet to collect labor data from anywhere. It can also be used in conjunction with data collection terminals.
  • Mobile Options – Collect time data through GPS and mobile apps.
  • Biometric Terminals – Increase security, eliminate fraud and reduce overall costs using hand or finger recognition.