Payday HCM will respond to unemployment claims by answering and submitting all claim forms and other related correspondence on the client’s behalf, and by meeting all deadlines.  As part of this process, Payday HCM will collect and prepare required documentation.  Payday HCM will discuss the claim with the client and request related documentation that may be on file.

Payday HCM will review rulings on unemployment insurance claims eligibility and make recommendations regarding appeal decisions, as appropriate.  Payday HCM will also initiate hearing/appeal actions when a decision is made to refute claims.  Payday  HCM will prepare for, coach, and represent clients in appeal hearings, and provide clients with a packet of relevant information to prepare the team for the hearing.

A quarterly management report summarizing unemployment claim activity for that period will be provided along with recommendations for avoiding unnecessary and future charges.

Payday HCM also offers full service Human Resource consulting services to help increase client’s ability to win unemployment claims and decrease overall Human Resource liabilities.  These services include Employee Handbook/policy creation, training,investigations, job descriptions, and assistance with discipline and terminations.