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Payday HCM Staffing  provides you with a personalized, cost-effective, and proven process for a professional staffing experience you want to meet your specific needs and goals.

We are responsive, proactive, and respect our clients’ and candidates’ needs on both sides of the staffing matrix: organizations looking for long-term employees or short-term project help, and individuals looking to secure meaningful employment. Our experience covers a wide range of industries and positions.

Now Introducing Affordable Hiring Packages!

It can be difficult to find the time to do recruiting yourself or hire a staffing agency to assist you with finding your best help. That’s why we now offer affordable hiring packages. There is something for everyone who needs staffing assistance.

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  Job Postings    
  Resume Forwarding  ✓     
  Resume Screening      
  Phone Interviewing ✗     
  Face-to-Face Interview ✗         
  Skills Assessment            
  Reference Checks       ✗     
  Background Check ✗   ✗          
  Drug Screening ✗   ✗        ✗  
  Boost Any Package with These Extras (if not included):    Staffing Consultation:
  Drug Screenings (saliva)

Want to do the hiring for your company in house but have inefficiencies?

Not finding the best employees?

We can meet with your hiring managers to help you implement a
process to ensure you are utilizing the best hiring 
practices and
finding the best employees.

  Skills Assessments
  Background/MVD/Credit Checks
  Personality Test
  Reference/Employment Verification
  Standard Hiring Packages PLUS:
 Direct Hire: The Gold Package PLUS credit check, MVD check, education and past employment verification, and a personality   assessment (DISC)  if desired.

 Temp to Hire: The Gold Package, however, your make a job offer and candidate stays on OUR payroll for 520 hours or 13       weeks you put them on your payroll. You do not have to worry about Unemployment Fees, Workers Comp, Disciplinary Actions   and Termination while on our payroll.

 Temporary Hire: The Gold Package to ensure you have the best candidate possible to fill in your temporary openings. Temp   employee will be on our payroll    during duration of assignment.You do not have to worry about Unemployment Fees, Workers   Comp, Disciplinary Actions and Termination while on our payroll.


Our Process Creates Better Outcomes for Our Clients

We constantly recruit and maintain a pool of screened and skill-tested, qualified, available applicants for our temp and temp-to-hire assignments.

For our direct hire assignments, we tap into our extensive networks and seek out highly qualified individuals even if they are not currently active in their job search.

To find out if Payday Staffing Solutions is right for your business, please contact us through the form below.

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We’re confident you will love our services. We’re so confident that we’ll give you 8 hours free temporary help.

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