Run to get better staffing.

When it comes to staffing, your greatest competitive edge is found in your employees. Furthermore, your staffing processes can impact how sharp that edge is.

The Struggle is Real

Nothing affects the performance of an organization, for better or worse, more than its people. This is true from the top down, from the CEO to the entry level employee. Unfortunately, finding and hiring the right folks can be tricky. With this tight labor market, companies struggle to find skilled employees for all levels.

After 40 years in the recruiting business I can tell you what many businesses get wrong  about this process.

Getting it right

Most staffing firms, whether they are search firms, temporary agencies, or something in-between, operate a transactional type of service. This may create short-term gain for the employer, but can engender long-term pain.

Because finding the right (or wrong) people can impact your business’ success for years, I strongly recommend working with an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) organization. This kind of soup-to-nuts firm provides staffing services, plus shows you processes and strategies that increase your organization’s competitive edge.

Custom Solutions

RPO services such as those offered by Payday HCM, offer custom solutions to employers who lack the internal resources critical for hiring quality talent.

We provide a holistic recruitment and onboarding process that includes:

  • posting jobs
  • candidate/resume searching
  • resume screening
  • personality assessments
  • skill testing
  • candidate screening
  • resume processing
  • advertising management
  • analytics, and more

Enhance Your Employer Brand

In addition, we can help enhance your employer brand in the marketplace, which is critical for attracting top talent. We create standardized, effective recruitment processes and develop a proactive recruitment strategy. This helps your company grow new competencies instead of just reacting to current vacancies, which is mission critical, especially for small organizations.

If you are serious about discovering how improving the quality of your staff also increases the health and growth trajectories, I would enjoy showing you cost-effective methods to improve your firm’s recruitment and selection strategies and processes.

Call me to start accomplishing great things.

Randy Richardson
General Manager
Payday HCM Staffing, Search & Recruitment Services
Office: 505-255-5433 x 310


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