Thank you for registering for ” The Affordable Care Act 2016 and Benefits” on Wednesday, May 25th at 11:30-12:30 (Pacific Standard Time).

Join us as we learn about Benefits and ACA. It will be presented in 3 parts:
PART 1- Affordable Care Act Overview (ACA)
PART 2- ACA Provisions affecting employers
Part 3 – Related Benefit trends
How to join the webinar – TK. Event links are not currently working.



If you want to talk to a Payday HCM ACA specialist before the webinar, just fill out the contact form on the right.  We offer a wide variety of ACA services.

Your complete resource for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and reporting.

Your complete resource for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and reporting. Shot of two young office workers discussing work on a computer.

With the Affordable Care Act in force, let Payday HCM be your provider of quality service combined with top-notch technology to assist in this ever-changing environment.

Payday HCM understands the complexity behind this difficult legislation, and has developed reports and tools to ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Payday HCM ACA Package contains three key components:

  • ACA Status Field Determine whether a company is an Applicable Large Employer (ALE):
    • Made easy with our ACA FTE Multi-Client Report and ACA FTE Report
  • Employee healthcare eligibility within the company:
    • Our ACA Eligibility Analysis Report will ease the process of determining which employees are eligible for healthcare.
  • Inactive Employee Report will show which employees have been inactive for a period of time The ACA Rule of Parity Report will help determine which employees can be treated as new hires or must keep their current healthcare plans when rehired.

Affordable Care Act Services