Just because you buy running shoes doesn’t mean you trained for a marathon. Likewise, handing your workers a software manual isn’t the same as training them to use it.

At Payday HCM we know your employees deserve better, and you want to make the most of their time. After all, time is money — but too many companies are wasting both by cross-training their employees on redundant computer systems that really just create more work. We take a hands-on approach to training our clients and their staffs on our coherent, comprehensive HCM ecosystem. The result: better efficiency, all around.

From the beginning, we work closely with our clients to evaluate their employees’ skill levels, then customize our software training around their needs. In our experience, better training equals less support time. But we provide responsive support, too, along with continuous training for new employees and staff transitions. Our webinars help our clients stay current on timely HCM issues. Finally, we leave you with support materials that are straightforward and clear, plus ongoing access to help whenever you need it.

Because you have Payday HCM, you empower more people to keep your company going. One employee trained on one system can now do the work that formerly took three people toiling at different systems. It’s like tripling the value of your employees, who are, as we know, your most important assets.

Andrew Siegel

Andrew Siegel

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